Kitchen-sink site-specific theatre

17 Aug

CRUMBLE is a dark, funny and emotionally powerful one-woman play, about a baking-obsessed housewife with an unravelling private life. Let Sylvie tell you about it over a spot of tea.

Crumble is not suitable for children or people with a mild disposition.

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An invitation from Sylvie Cranshaw from Mora Theater on Vimeo.

CRUMBLE has appeared in New York and London, and was most recently performed at the first ever Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival in Northern Ireland.

“…transforms from dark comedy to darker drama, with mounting tension that is palpable.”
Huffington Post

“The newest twist on dinner theater”
New York Post

A ‘Good Odds’ pick in Time Out New York’s Off-Off List

“Laura Hooper (Sylvie) delivered one of the most refreshing and genuine performances I’ve ever seen.”
NearSay New York

“…CRUMBLE is an excitingly different bit of theatre. Low key and intimate to thrilling effect.”
The Tyro Theatre Critic

“A play that evokes feminist-requisite reads like ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’”
Curve Magazine

“Friday’s crowd…seems universally impressed by the performance, and gives Hooper a standing ovation”
New York Post

Get up close and personal with Sylvie as she serves up an unforgettable theatrical treat. This is an intimate site-specific show that will make you see theater in a different light.

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